Terms of use of the site for authors and readers

This site was created to serve as an online portal for libraries or bookstores. The main goal is to increase the interest of readers in the book and offer them books for free or at more affordable prices. In turn, it helps authors to receive more royalties as a result of their hard work, minimizing the hassle and additional costs involved in printing a book.

Previously, the author had to take into account the cost of producing any book when selling it. For example, a book sold for 10 manats would cost the author about 2-3 manats. In turn, the purchasing power was not encouraging, as the price of the book was much higher than the value it added to the reader. For this reason, books with low purchasing power were not published for the second or third time, and sometimes the first edition could not even reach 5,000 copies. The cost of printing a book, the cost of selling it, and then selling it, and so on. In comparison, the author's income did not match. The reality is that very few writers in our country are currently able to earn a living from the sale of books, due to the hardships they have endured over the years. Most new, young writers suffer from barriers to book publishing.

⇒ Working principle of the site ⇐

The author registers on the site and applies for authorship through the site. If the copyright is confirmed in accordance with the current legislation, there is no difficulty in granting copyright to the person registered by the site and, most importantly, no payment is required. The person who has received the status of the author adds his personal account information to the site, and then we will transfer the income from the sale of the author's book to his account. The information required in the account information is used for simple transfers, which does not expose the authors' accounts to any cyber attacks. The person who has added enough information for the transfer places his book and sells it by setting a price according to the price standards we have developed for the READERS 'INTEREST. All agreements between the author and the site are concluded online in a simplified form and free of charge.

⇒ Benefit to readers ⇐

Previously, a reader who could buy 1 book for 10 manats, at best 2 books, will have the opportunity to buy 4-5 paid books through this site, as well as hundreds of books added for free. Because books are sold out from time to time, or because they are far from the shops where the books are sold, the books they want are no longer available to readers. Website, mobile application, etc. books from everywhere are within walking distance. This is an advantage for readers who get rid of the hassle of carrying books by creating their own libraries on the site.

⇒ For readers and authors ⇐

This site is absolutely invaluable for authors who always want to add value to their readers with their books, and for readers who support them by buying their books in return for the role of clarity in their way of thinking and outlook on life. Because both sides are in an environment where they can compromise with each other.

⇒ Requirements for books to be placed on the portal ⇐

Taking into account the wishes of readers, the requirements for books posted on the portal are as follows:

  1. Books or stories with a minimum number of pages of less than 20 are not allowed. (There are exceptions in books and articles on scientific topics)
  2. Paid placement of books with a minimum number of pages of less than 110 is not allowed.
  3. The minimum price for paid books is 1 azn. There is no limit to the maximum price, but we do take into account the reader's purchasing power and complaints such as "it is an expensive book."
  4. Ask each author to place at least 1 book free of charge, regardless of the number of books they place.

Information on the terms of use is posted on this page. As these conditions are adapted to the requirements of the day, it is recommended that you read them regularly.

Last updated: September 12, 2020